“Let’s work together to help make the East Gwillimbury a place we want to live in.” 



I'm sure our town, our future, can be more successful than it is the case so far.


Our vision is based on Youth, Innovation and Safety, three secret ingredients that together can provide prosperity to our city.


Communications with residents will always remain a top priority for me.

Franco Colavecchia



East Gwillimbury


Leadership for a Better Future!



You may ask me why I would like to serve as your mayor and the answer is simple.


Like many of you, I see that we can make this city better.


My name is Franco Colavecchia.

I have lived in the York region for the last 39 years.

I have 2 boys and 1 girl.

For 20 years, I was in sales in the York Region.

I bought 50 acres of land in 2001 and started a successful mushroom business in Mount Albert.

For the last 3 years, I have been on the Board of Directors for the York Federation of Agriculture, serving in the capacity which I can as an established farmer and businessman.

Due to this background, I am able to use sound decision‐ making in where we spend money and why.


You may ask me why I would like to serve as your mayor and the answer is simple.


I have seen and witnessed the problems we, as a community, experience on a daily basis and I want to have a positive influence on the residents going forward.


Like many of you, I see that we can make this city better.


With your support, we can make your voices heard. I want to make this happen.


Certainly, of primary importance is to keep taxes low and enhance the services and opportunities for our residents.



Everyone asks me what my solution is, but I am a business man and every good businessman knows that they cannot answer without proper access to information and analysis.


It is only in this way that we can prepare a proper plan.





About actual issues



As we know, the internet has been an ongoing issue since 2003. We have not resolved our issues pertaining to this as of yet. I will do my best to connect with telecommunications companies and regulators to figure out the best direction for us to take. African countries have access to internet. It is amazing that we do not.




Regarding employment. We need to empower our youth. If elected, I would work to develop resources for our youth so they can thrive and develop the skills sets they need to succeed in this ever‐changing world. Without technology and the internet, this will be close to impossible.


Issue of Marijuana


There are different views with respect to Marijuana and many people are conflicted about this. Although I don’t think the ready availability of marijuana is a good thing, the reality is that the Canadian government is going forward with their agreed upon actions.


It would be a loss of a revenue stream for us if we decide not to participate. In addition, there are those that require marijuana for medical purposes. What are we supposed to say to those residents? That they are not wanted? That they need to go outside the city to help themselves





We need infrastructure. We are a maturing community and this is the natural progression of things. What we really need is to conduct a feasibility study for possible solutions to our issues. Has one been done for our community? I’m not aware of one that exists which will answer our current questions. If it does exist, when was it shared and who conducted it?


Development of Downtown Areas


In terms of the development of our communities, I don’t have the specifics of information pertaining to the city as of yet given that I haven’t served you, but once I do, I can seek to review and amend as necessary. Over the past 10 years, little has changed. I continually ask myself why?Why haven’t we put funds into the makeover of our cities that will propel us further?


So, let’s be Frank and do something better for us, together!


Vision for future of East Gwillimbury

But, with you, I have a new vision for our Town!



YOUTH: Connecting Youth with City life and Community

"Discover East Gwillimbury" - MyDEG will be available to install on your mobile device from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store! This app showcases our members and citizens and upcoming events along with other great things that our city has to offer. After you install our app and you find our app to be useful and easy to use, send us some love by rating our app with 5 stars!

Innovations and Smart City


 With special partnership programs on Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) we can bring together our city, industry, and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions.

This includes applied innovation, better planning, a more participatory approach, higher energy efficiency, better transport solutions, intelligent use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), etc.

Innovation: Gwillimbury must become a Smart Compassionate City


The issues we are facing now and the four years ahead of us in East Gwillimbury, require change.


Positive change must be rooted in core values that make our city the best place to live work and play. Becoming a Smart Compassionate City is the solution.


The Smart Compassionate City (SCC) framework outlines a innovative model for decision-making that supports the well-being of the entire community, encourages sustainable development and addresses the complex issues in a comprehensive way.


When elected as your Mayor, I am committed to East Gwillimbury becoming a Smart Compassionate City. We need a framework to support our vision, mission and values while grounding our planning and decision making in a transparent, honest and accountable process.



Yes, becoming a Smart Compassionate City is a process. The Charter for Compassion outlines a four part model for building and sustaining a Compassionate Community. In East Gwillimbury, we have many groups of compassionate people working to make East Gwillimbury a place to call home. In Phase 1 we will discover and assess assets and efforts within our city and will insure they are recognized and leveraged.

Franco Colavecchia



East Gwillimbury


Leadership for a Better Future!

The vision: a more connected community that works together. To accomplish this we need a city driven shared economic prosperity committee. The results of the Phase 1 assessment and data collection will shape Phase 2. In Phase 2 we will focus on key issues and commit to a plan with concrete solutions and economic strategies. In Phase 3 we will see action and gain momentum. In Phase 4 we will launch our comprehensive city plan for sustainable development.


I believe we, the community of East Gwillimbury, can complete the three initial phases to becoming a Smart Compassion City within the first 18 months of your new Mayor. With East Gwillimbury as a Smart Compassionate City we can do better together.


If you believe East Gwillimbury can do and deserves better, vote on or before October 22nd for positive solutions.


Thank you!

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